29 November 2010


As fate would have it, we had it as well. Toast with marmalade and fresh goats milk. The taste of life. Fresh and new. Untainted like urine from a new born. Let us feast on the gristle of the new land and boil alive in the two dude stew.
josh row X brian maclaskey X print+addiction
Friday, December 17 • 6-9pm
INDUSTRY 2503 B east 6th St

headquarters boiling over with Josh and Brian's art & prints for sale. PLUS we setup our 8 color screen print press with 8+ designs created by Josh and brian. Then it's your turn get all arty farty and make some shirts....purchase a blank shirt for $20 (or BYOS for $10), choose your layout with as many designs as you like to create our own one-of-a-kind shirt. You say you want to pull the squeggee yourself, well you might have to fight off our expert printers from hogging all the on fun on the press, but they are wimps. So come out, have a drink, chill with friends and wear your art home!

DJ heroD

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Industry Screenprint

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