18 April 2010

mexican chocolate X print+addiction


Symmetrical insanity with some mathy shit, Jared Connor—Mexican Chocolate Design—is gonna
burn your retinas. PRINT+addiction headquarters will be loaded down with his prints & posters for sale.
As always we setup our 8 color screen print press with 8+ designs created by Mexican Chocolate.
Then it's your turn get all arty and shit and make some shirts....
purchase a blank shirt for $20, choose your layout and as many designs as you like to create our own one-of-a-kind shirt. We will even let you pull the squeegee yourself. So come out, have a drink, chill with friends and wear your art home!

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02 April 2010

house industries X luther's X print+addiction


House Industries exhibition at Luther's
Our press will be set up a Luther's on South Congress bustin' out shirts and random materials all with original art from the mad crazy dudes at House Industries.

About the Art Exhibition and Lecture
House Industries
is descending upon Luther’s Austin for a high octane hoedown that rides the fine line between art, commerce, haute design and true dirt-under-the-fingernails craftsmanship. Hike your eyeballs on a fresh coat of hand-rubbed House Industries original art, finely tuned over-engineered consumer products and, for one night only, Angel Cruz’s incomparable C1932 Ford five-window coupe.

House Industries kicks off the exhibition with a short duh-sign lecture at the Austin Speed Shop, where they’ll break down their 17-year history of clutchless paradigm speed shifts. Angelo Cruz will also recount his gas pump-jockey dreams and how they manifested themselves into his C1932 Ford coupe. After skipping around a few oil puddles and sheet metal shavings, attendees can adjust their chin-stroke grease goatees for the short ride over to Luther’s on SoCo for the 7:30 exhibition opening.

“I just said that I liked Angelo's '32 coupe, but pretty soon these guys from House were talkin’ about paintin’ a sign on the side of my shop and making my logo look like a snake,” said Luther‘s and Austin Speed Shop owner Cory Moore. “Can you mix graphic design, fonts and hot rods? I dunno, but we’re sure gonna find out.”

The Austin Speed Shop is at 1414 S. Lamar and Luther’s is at 1200 S. Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas.

House Industries Luther’s Fact Sheet
  • Lecture: Friday, April 9, 2010, 6:00 p.m. at Austin Speed Shop, 1414 S Lamar Blvd
  • Opening: Friday, April 9, 2010, 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Luthers, 1200 South Congress Ave., Austin, Texas
  • Exhibition runs April 10 through June 10 at Luther’s
  • Luther’s is open to the public Monday-Saturday from 10:30 to 7:00, Sundays from 11:00 to 6:00
  • Shop Website: http://www.thelutherstore.com/

About Angelo Cruz

Angelo Cruz’s early hot-rodding career was spent developing expertise in restoring and modifying Corvettes. He worked on several successful show cars, including Harley Earl’s S.O. 10323 roadster, before transitioning into a career of freehand pinstriping and lettering.

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