06 July 2010

smut X print+addiction


Passionate but ultimately meaningless, often casual, & inspired by epic disaster, which leads to nobody's greater surprise than our own, we end up engaging. It is the end of the world. Prove your alive!

SMUT, Austin's prolific—and our favorite—street artist will load down PRINT+addiction's headquarters with original artwork and prints for sale. And then there's the doom room, SMUT's installation in the small gallery. Our 8 color screen print press with 8+ designs created by SMUT. Then it's your turn get all arty and shit and make some shirts.... purchase a blank shirt, choose your layout and as many designs as you like to create our own one-of-a-kind shirt. We will even let you pull the squeegee yourself.

...oh yea! The FREE goodies full of innuendos:
"Raunchy Raspas," lollipops, Big Stick Popsicles, and more.

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