14 November 2009


Fresh off the Pieced Together Tour Print+addiction brings you Austin's GRAFFITI KINGS Sloke & Mez. You've seen Sloke's massive wildstyle on the walls many times accompanied by Mez's epic caricatures staring you down. We are bringing them in to paint our gallery space floor to ceiling for this event. Sections of the installation will be for sale.
As always we setup our 8 color screen print press with 8+ designs created by Sloke and Mez.
Then it's your turn to crank up the creativity....
purchase a blank shirt for $20, choose your layout and as many designs as you like to create your wearable art. Plus you can print the shirt yourself.
DJ Gibb will be pumping out sounds.
So come out, have a drink, chill with friends and wear your art home!

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